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So ladies, we can’t forget about our mothers. Both mother of the bride and mother of the groom want to look fantastic for your big day, they want to look their best because it is a big day for them as well. However, mothers tend to underestimate how long it takes to get a dress in, especially if we don’t have the right colour or size in stock they are looking for. We see a lot of mother’s coming in last minute not realizing that it takes just as much time to order their dress as it does the bridesmaids, so you should be looking for their dress as soon as you’ve purchased yours just to be safe. Let them pick the colour that best suits them and are most comfortable in, they don’t necessarily have to match your colour scheme.

Now as for our store, we carry formal wear and have many bridesmaids dresses that will look fantastic on them. Understanding a lot of mothers want to stay more conservative and possibly want a jacket or sleeves, there is always the option of creating a jacket or sleeves from extra fabric. Many mother’s are choosing to go this route, and with ordering early they can create the look they are looking for, without feeling rushed. So urge your mothers to get shopping as soon as possible, we all know they put everyone else first and make sure everything is running smoothly before even thinking about themselves. We don’t want them to have to settle.

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